Weekly Church Services

Holy Communion: 1st & 4th Sundays of Each Month -

Open to All Believers

Sunday School: 11:30AM - 12:50PM - in our Dining Room

(Streamed via Facebook Live - gbc131 - Zoom ID 861 9153 7353

                                                           Passcode 401482)

Devotionals and Sunday Worship and Praise Services: 1:00PM

(Streamed via Facebook Live - gbc131 | YouTube - GBC Family 131

The Jammin' For Jesus Ministry - Every 3rd Sunday @5:30PM

(Additional TJFJM services as posted here and on Facebook)

Missionary Sunday - Every 5th Sunday

Young Adult Sunday - Every 5th Sunday 5PM

Min. Lonzo Tart, Min. Vacory Ingram & Missionary Montra Ingram

God's Words of Grace Ministry - Every Tuesday 7PM - Bible Study      Pastor Sophia Cruz

GBC - Every Wednesday 7-9PM - Bible Study - Dining Room

Rev. Patricia Ingram & Rev. George M. Hurley

(Streamed via Facebook Live - gbc131 - Zoom ID 865 5842 4273

                                                          Passcode 131277)

United Fellowship Outreach Ministries

Thursday - 7PM (As Announced)

Bishop Edwin & Pastor Cheryl Pierce

Healing Through Worship Ministries - Every Fridays@7:30PM            Apostle Curtis R. Crawford

Guiding Light Baptist Church

Saturday - 11AM (As Announced)

Rev. Johnny & Evangelist Jennifer Jackson