Glendale Baptist Church




1947 – Present Day


The history of Glendale Baptist Church has grown far and vastly wide throughout the past 67 years of fellowship.  The church’s humble beginnings were organized on April 27th, 1947 in the home of Mrs. Minnie Youngblood Chapman, 225 West 123rd Street; under the divine spiritual leadership of the late Pastor and Founder, the Reverend Robert L. Glenn.

On this day Sister Chapman was elected as Church and Mission Treasurer, a position she would hold for 28 years. During that time period, the parishioners held their worship meetings in the very same apartment living room.  The small group of members then decided to name their new found ministry Zion Baptist Church.  The blessing of God bestowed upon its members the honor of acquiring their first church building located at 271 West 126th Street between 7th and 8th Avenue; a building which was later named Glendale Baptist Church.  Due to the growth of the upcoming Harlem community in the 1950’s; there was an immediate need for an elementary school in the area. 


The New York City Department of Buildings, Planning & Restoration unfortunately purchased the building which was the first house of worship for the parishioners of Glendale Baptist Church.  The parishioners of Glendale were devastated by the City of New York’s power of eminent domain of the place they so hoped and prayed would be their house of worship.  In 1955, the members of Glendale relocated and re-dedicated their second house of worship at 123 West 131st Street; a small structured building located upstairs above the local C-Town Supermarket.  

Reverend Robert L. Glenn had many tiresome obstacles to face in which upon realization; he felt that he could no longer handle his ministerial duties alone in proper guidance and leadership of his church.  Reverend Glenn then appointed Reverend Joseph P. Montgomery as an Assistant Pastor.  As the congregation grew in Glendale Baptist Church in 1965; the City of New York came to the rescue of the congregants of Glendale by selling to them a new place of worship at 131 West 128th Street for the mere purchase price of $1.00.   Glendale’s 3rd and final house of worship was however; the old New York City Police Department “horse stables”.

 After acquiring the property at 131 West 128th Street; Reverend Robert L. Glenn, Assistant Pastor J. P. Montgomery, church members Oliver Ray and Benjamin Jenkins worked tirelessly day & night to renovate the horse stables to become a divine sanctuary of worship for their members.  Deacon Oliver Gadson purchased a piano for the first service held at this new location. With limited funding; each member of the congregation pledged to donate the sum of $250.00 every month for one year in order to complete the renovation of the basement area to hold church services.  Glendale Baptist Church was truly blessed with an abundance of deacons and ministers.

Within the next 3 years after the renovation of the lower chapel area, the main chapel of the first floor sanctuary was then completed.  On December 16th, 1972; the founder and spiritual leader of Glendale Baptist Church; the Reverend Robert L. Glenn was succumbed to death after a long term illness.  Assistant Minister Joseph P. Montgomery then became the new Pastor of Glendale Baptist Church.

From the years of 1973 to 1999; Reverend Joseph P. Montgomery led the congregation until his untimely death on December 4th, 1999.  

Glendale was then without a Pastor for the next 2 years.
On September 10, 2001, the congregation then elected Reverend Carlton Mobley as the new Pastor of Glendale.  After many trials and tribulations; Pastor Mobley stepped down as the Minister of Glendale.
From the winter of 2001 to 2000,  Reverend Samuel D. Simmons continued with the ministerial duties in the church.  Due to the severe illness of Pastor Simmons in 2004, Reverend Simmons reluctantly had to step down from his calling as the Minister

 For approximately two years, Glendale Baptist Church was faced yet again without a resident pastor for spiritual guidance.  The church obtained various guest ministers and speakers to preach sermons in order to spread the word of God in Glendale’s pulpit.   

In the fall of 2006; Glendale reached out for guidance under the leadership of Reverend Alvin L. Byers, Sr.  Reverend Alvin Byers continued to enlighten the congregation by preaching the words of God from the years of 2006 until the winter of 2011.

Throughout the years with continuous guidance of former ministers, and by the grace of the Lord; the congregation of Glendale Baptist Church have had their prayers finally answered once again with the deliverance of a new residential pastor. 


On Thursday, August 2nd, 2012,  the congregants of Glendale Baptist Church had the joy of being spiritually blessed with the election of an outstanding, respectable man of God; Reverend George M. Hurley.


For the past 70 years, the former ministers and congregation of Glendale Baptist Church have faithfully praised, upheld and followed “God’s Plan”………


"Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them:  for the Lord thy God, He it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee."   Deuteronomy 31:6